1. Everyone is welcome to attend the walk, but you must have appropriate footwear and clothing. For day long walks, bring enough food and drink for 5-6 hours. The normal Barnard Castle meeting place for car sharing is the Health Centre, Richardson Fields, off Victoria Road.Most of our walks start at 10:00, but there is more variation in Winter - unusual start times are highlighted. N.B. as members don't all live in Barnard Castle there is no guarantee that anyone will be at the Health Centre - you should therefore be prepared to make your own way to the walk location if necessary.

2. If you require a lift, please ring the leader at least 24 hours beforehand to check that someone will be at the Health Centre. (If the leader isnít available or canít help, ring Richard on 01833 660780). Car passengers should expect to pay towards the driver's petrol money.

3. If you intend to go straight to the walk starting point, please ring the leader in case the walk has had to be changed. Also, if you tell the leader you are going to the start point and then change your mind please let the leader know so they are not waiting around for you.

4. Leaders may do alternative walks to those on the programme. In any severe weather the route may be altered - or the walk cancelled. Please ring the leader if there is any doubt regarding weather conditions.

5. Take into account the grade of the walk, the weather conditions and your level of fitness.

6. Always make sure you are adequately dressed and equipped for the grade and conditions. Boots are advisable on most walks. Always carry waterproof clothing and adequate food and drink, with some to spare. We recommend that you carry emergency rations. In case of accidents or incidents, we also recommend that you routinely carry an appropriate emergency blanket or survival bag (lightweight, under £5 from outdoor shops), whistle, torch and personal first aid kit.

7. Please do not walk ahead of the leader unless they have advised that you may, and do not leave the group without letting the leader know.

8. If you wish to take a dog on one of our walks, please check with the leader first as many walks are not suitable for dogs. This is especially so on farmland where there may be cows with calves. Dogs must be on a lead at all times.

9. We respectfully request that smokers be considerate to other walkers.


INSURANCE: Please note that the leader is not responsible for any accident to persons or property on our walks.


FOOTPATH PROBLEMS should be reported to the Footpaths Secretary, John Stephenson 01388 488420 or email . You can also report problems directly to the Public Rights of Way Officer at Durham County Council email . If you choose to do this, please also send a copy to John Stephenson.


MEMBERSHIP OF THE RAMBLERS ASSOCIATION : details can be obtained from the membership Secretary - Christine Hughes Tel:01833 660780 or email


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